Facebook Project

Project Overview:
The Facebook Project is one that can be done instead of a traditional report.  The subject does not necessarily need to be a person, it could be any person, place, or thing.  Students will combine information from their own research with the PPT template (below) to create a ppt that is hyperlinked from slide to slide to enable it to perform just like a web page.
Project Outline:
  1. Download the .ppt file below.  Try editing the PPT yourself.
  2. Create a Rubric.
  3. Have students research the subject of their report.  Explain to them the final product they will be creating.
  4. Students should be collecting info, photos, and other elements of a Facebook page.
  5. When students begin working on PPT show them how to hyperlink a word or image to another slide within the PPT.  
  6. Students then replace images and text on each of the slides with the info from their research.
  7. Then the teacher chooses if/how the project will be presented
Click on the image below to download a sample of student instructions

Click on the image below to download the PPT template.

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