Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why your class should use

In our district (like many others) we are trying to convince our teachers that there is more to technology integration than having the students create a PowerPoint. I found out about youblisher in tweets from @MrR0g3rs & @tomwhitby.

What it does:
  • will take your multi-page pdf and turn it into a flash-based book. Keep in mind that almost anything can be turned into a pdf using Cute PDF Writer, or a Mac.
Here is my first attempt (Took me 5 minutes to merge my pdfs, really fast after that.)
I used some workshop flyers I had on my laptop to create a workshop catalog.

FISD Tech Workshop Catalog

Classroom Ideas:
As teachers we could use this with the projects we already do in our classes. Instead of having your students turn in a paper report or present a PPT, have them save it as a PDF and upload it to
  • Travel Brochure - Students create a brochure about a location that they are studying.
  • Instruction Manual - For: life as a MS/HS/College student, Safe Driving, Electronic device, etc
  • Any Report/Paper - Give the student the feeling of being a published author (great motivator)
  • Photo flip-book - Create a photo journal from a field trip, science experiment, or other class activity.

Have some lesson suggestions of your own? Please leave me a comment.