Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Geocaching Lesson: The Virtual Map

Virtual map - Imagine that one of your athletic practice fields is like a map. Plot points on the map that correspond with your unit. The Points could represent battles, countries, cities, or other points of interest (P.o.I.). Then choose one activity below:
  • Give each group a different color pen have them add one or two key bits of info to a log book within the cache that pertain that P.o.I. (dates, battles, vocabulary, etc) Then make the info in the log books available for students to do other activities.
  • Place information about the P.o.I. inside each cache. Then give the students a worksheet/quiz that has questions about each point. They can answer the question with the info inside of the cache.
  • Give each student a camera & have each group take a picture/video of something that relates to the P.o.I.