Monday, March 21, 2011

Using Google Apps 4 Digital Storytelling

I attended this webinar on using Google Apps for digital storytelling. If you are using Google apps, especially with students, this is worth the time.

My Notes:
  • Teacher creates Google site with all resources, custom image/sound searches, tutorials, boundaries, info about creative common licensing, and examples of other projects
  • Storyboards collaborated via google docs. Students use teacher-made template.
  • Google custom search enabled the teachers to help students narrow searches to the websites approved by the teacher
  • Use Google sites as wiki to post videos, reflect on stories, add comments/suggestions, for team/peer review.
  • All Google files are shared with the team = no excuses for team when one student is absent.
  • Use of Aviary (Google Marketplace) for audio editing. Aviary files are saved directly into google docs.

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