Friday, April 1, 2011

4 web 2.0 tools with Photos

Below are my 4 favorite web 2.0 tools that use photos. Each of these could be used for projects.
They are listed from easy to more difficult.

* - Upload any picture and then record sound with that picture.
  • Teaching mood
  • Poetry readings

* - allows you to upload a picture, put a mouth on that picture, then record sound...
  • Historical figures
  • Historical speeches
  • Point of view (students speak as the person/object in the picture)

*Speaking Image - Upload a picture, place lines/shapes/POIs, add text, links, or video for an interactive picture.
  • Guided tour of school/classroom
  • Background info behind any image
  • Vocabulary lesson

* Voicethread - Upload any picture or video, invite others to make comments via text, phone, mic, or webcam.
  • The example below: create a fake newspaper article then have students give feedback about the article.
  • Teacher could be the first comment on the left asking questions or prompting responses.