Thursday, April 7, 2011

Historical Event News Broadcast Project...

Tired of having students do the same old reports or PowerPoints? This lesson still requires the same research, but ignites engagement, higher order thinking skills, as well as technology skills.

  • Students research an event
  • Students compile research in order to write a television/radio broadcast
  • Students create a storyboard or somekind of paper draft of their show
  • Students create a broadcast (radio/TV) as if they had gone back in time
  • Students add credits to the end of their broadcast to site their sources
Tech options:
  • iPods - Built-in camera, iMovie
  • iPads - Built-in camera, iMovie, Garageband
  • Any voice recorder will do
  • Pocket Camcorder
  • PC - Audacity,, MovieMaker, Photostory
  • Mac - Garageband, iMovie
  • Students could create the show from different points of view (ex. Civil War - North/South)
  • Have students use era appropriate music or pictures
  • Have students place themselves in the time of the event. (ex. WWII most media was only radio, there was no video and pictures were rare.)
  • Students could re-create propaganda from the era
  • Audio/video could be shared on the web (blog, youtube, shooltube, teachertube, etc.)
  • Allow students to choose the tool they use.
  • Have students research using the tools of the era (books, newspapers, encyclopedias, etc...)

Do you have other ideas that could make this lesson better? Please share them.