Monday, April 4, 2011

Tips & Tricks 4 Managing Multiple IOS devices...(part 2)

Part 2: Naming & Sync setup

The setup and naming of IOS devices is the slowest & most time consuming part of managing multiple IOS devices. If it is done right, however, it will save hours upon hours in the future.

Setup the Computer -
  1. Create a few playlists in iTunes (We will setup these playlists to auto sync)
  2. Create a wallpaper photo with numbers that match the numbers of your devices.
  3. Create a few 'Events' in iPhoto. At least 1 for the wallpaper photos & one for lessons (We will setup these events to auto sync)
  4. Turn on 'Books' in iTunes. (>iTunes; >Preferences; >check "Books")

Initialize & Name each device:
  1. Connect devices to your "Parent Device" (iTunes should launch, if not do so manually)
  2. Go through the initial setup screens in iTunes.
  3. Create a naming system for your devices and name them accordingly.
  4. Uncheck all boxes for Auto sync (We'll setup the way we want iTunes to sync in a moment)

Setup how to sync each device: With all devices plugged in & names, you should each device in the left-hand sidebar of iTunes. The steps below need to be repeated on each IOS device.
  1. Select the first device in the left-hand sidebar. (The main screen will now be for managing that device)
  2. Choose "Apps"
  3. Check the boxes for each app you would like to sync.
  4. Check the "Automatically sync new apps" box (it is under the box listing all current apps)
  5. Choose "Music"
  6. Check the box next to "Sync Music"
  7. Check the radio button next to "Selected playlists, artists..."
  8. Check the boxes next to each playlist that you would like to auto sync (From now on you can change the music in the playlist on the computer and the changes will auto sync the next time you connect the device to iTunes.)
  9. Choose "Books"
  10. Check the box next to "Sync Books". (Any PDF can be added to your books library and it will auto sync)
  11. Chooose "Photos"
  12. Check the box next to "Sync Photos"
  13. Check the box next to "Selected Albums, events..."
  14. Check the box next to "Include videos"
  15. Check the box next to each events that you created previously in iPhoto. (Any photo changed in these events will auto sync to each device.)
Then repeat the steps above for each device in your lab.

Stay tuned for how to setup wifi & webclips(url shortcuts) easily

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