Monday, August 22, 2011

BYOD: Best Student Apps 4 Back 2 School

This time of year is easy to find lists recommending the best apps for students. So I figured I ought to throw my hat into the ring as well. Please share your suggestions as well by leaving a comment.

  1. Google Search -IOS-free; Android standard

    One feature they didn't talk about in the video is search by voice. It's so much faster than typing in on a small iPhone screen.

  2. Evernote - Free - (web, Mac, PC, IOS, Android, etc.) This is best note taking app bar none. It's features include handwriting & text recognition, even within a picture. A student could snap a photo of the whiteboard or a PPT. Then all your notes are searchable by any keyword in the note or photo. (see my post on Evernote for cooks & home ec.)

  3. gFlash+ - Free (IOS, Android & Blackberry) - Flashcard app allows you to convert Google docs into flashcards. Also compatible with Quizlet.

  4. - Free (web, IOS, Android, Blackberry) - Every teacher wishes their students always had a dictionary with them. (Winner of the 2009 Best Apps Ever Award)

  5. Dropbox - Free (web, IOS, Android, Blackberry) - Store your files in the cloud and then retrieve them on any internet connected device. (Note: the files are not stored on the device itself, so if you lose an internet connection, you will not be able to get your files)

  6. eReader - Kindle - iBooks - Google Books
    Kindle - Free (every platform) - With the cross platform ability of Kindle you can't go wrong.
    iBooks - Free (IOS) - Allows storage of ebooks & .PDF docs; ebooks can also contain video.
    Google Books - Free (IOS, Android, Web)

  7. Grammar Guide - $.99 - Having a grammar reference tool is an essential for many classes.
  8. The Chemical Touch - $.99 (IOS) - Interactive periodic table of elements
  9. Homework: Myhomework & ihomework:

    Myhomework - Free (IOS & Android) - Great homework app "tracks your classes, homework, and projects so you never forget an assignment."

    ihomework - $1.99 (IOS & Mac) - Manage your courses, homework, grades, deadlines and more.

  10. iFormulas - Free (IOS) - Formulas for Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, & Trigonometry.

  11. History: Maps of the World - Free (IOS) - Collection of high resolution historical maps.

Thanks to all my colleagues on Facebook for lending a hand with the apps above.

With the hundreds of thousands of apps out there, this list is opinion. However, you can make it better...
  • If you are a teacher, please leave a comment below with the subject that you teach and the apps that you recommend for your students.
  • If you are student please add your favorites as well by leaving a comment.


  1. I would add to the list the best qr readers availaible:
    inigma & redlaser - iOS
    neoreader - android

    We the People - android not sure about iOS - simple format shows DOI, Constitution, Bill of Rights and all 27 amendments

    Coach Patterson
    US History