Thursday, September 1, 2011

BYOD: Devices...

One of my biggest complaints about the technology market, currently, is that there aren't enough competitors in the small mobile device category.  As a parent of young kids, I would like to see more devices that can compete with the iPod Touch.  More devices that have many of the features of a smart phone, but don't come with a data plan and 2 year contract.  I would love to buy my child a device that he or she can practice being productive and creative with.  Why can't technology manufacturers create a similar product?  It would be perfect for students ages 7-13!  But then again, maybe Apple might sue me for suggesting such a thing...but I digress.  Such a device would become a staple of the BYOD classroom.

This what Education is asking for:
  • A solidly built mobile device 
  • with reliable OS
  • Wifi - only
  • Native mail & Calendar client apps
  • Able to run apps from an app market
  • Ultra portable (8inches or less)
  • < $250
  • +8hr battery life
  • GPS and/or digital compass
  • Camera for video & QR codes
  • Min. 8gb of storage
  • Bluetooth for BT enabled keyboards

Today I saw a couple announcements that are starting to get close to what I'm hoping for.

1.  Lenovo IdeaPad A1 - a 7inch Android tablet priced at $199 for the 8gb model.  (Engadget announced Thursday September 1).

2.  Samsung Galaxy S - Announced in January as the Galaxy Player, the Galaxy S is a wifi only iPod touch-type device running Android selling for $240.  I've been waiting this device for months now and still after today's announcement on Engadget this device is still not scheduled to be release in the U.S.  

What would you like to see?

(Images from Engadget)

In the mean time here are the devices I recommend:

Update 8/2/11:

TechCrunch announced today that Amazon's newest version of the Kindle, Kindle tablet, will be a 7inch Android tablet for $250.  No pictures yet, but maybe someone is listening.  ;)