Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Library Gallery Walks...

About a year ago, a technology facilitator and a librarian in our district got together to create a type of Super Lesson/Project.  Their idea was to pool the combined efforts & resources of the course teacher, the librarian, & the technology facilitator to create a lesson that provides students with hand-picked/rich content, tasks to accomplish with that content, & opportunities to engage in discussions/projects with the content.  These gallery walks are examples of good instruction and learning.  100% engagement, higher order thinking,

Their idea was so successful that they took it to the $100,000 Follett Challenge.  Check out their video below:

Now that you've had a a good look at the concept here are some of the lessons we've prepared so far.

  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The Grapes of Wrath
  • C2G Rhymes with Technology
  • Shipwreck at the bottom of the world
  • Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials
  • Crispin
  • Middle Ages
  • Review- Number the Stars and Hatchett
  • Black History Study
  • Civil Rights Movement

The Count of Monte Cristo was our most recent project.  Here is a sampling of the resources we used to introduce the French Revolution and the Count of Monte Cristo to our students:

Tools used:
Webtools & software:


  • 6 Digital Photo frames
  • 22 Laptops
  • 12 Desktops
  • 4 iPads
  • Books

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