Thursday, November 10, 2011

Classroom Management Models of BYOD

4 Models of BYOD
From Ed Tech Magazine by Jen LaMaster : You can find this full article here
Ready-To-Use & Personal Goals models:
If you are practicing BYOD at your school, it is important to be familiar with all 4 of the models above.  However, the most used models should be the Ready-To-Use model & the Personal Goals model.  These models encourage students to use their devices to perform many tasks related to your classroom and learning in general.  The more information, resources, and homework the students have on their device, the more likely they are to value and protect their right to use the device in the classroom.  Resulting in less classroom management and discipline problems.

Guided Model:
It has been my experience that many teachers only use the Guided Model.  The only time students are allowed to bring devices is for this project, or that activity.  Devices are otherwise banned in class on all other days.  This model is counterproductive.  1st - Students are not in the habit of bringing a device with them to class.  2nd - Students aren't conditioned to using their device in your class or for learning in general.  3rd - There are many missed opportunities to show students how the tools they already have can help them in their studies.  4th - This policy, like the old method of banning devices, encourages students to hide their devices from the teacher.  With the RTU and Personal Goals methods above, devices are left in the open.  It's easy for the instructor to see how they are being used.  Mischief is easier to spot.

Local Use Only Model:
This model is perfect for silent reading times.  Students are allowed to access books that are saved on their device.  However, more and more apps and other tasks on phones and devices require internet.  Also, with the exception of quiet reading time, it would be challenging for the teacher to monitor and enforce this model.

Want more?  I highly recommend "7 Myths About BYOD Debunked."

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