Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creative Commons Posters (Part I)

I've been doing a lot of work on Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons this week.  And you all know that this subject is about as fun as a kick in the head. In fact, a kick in the head is probably what it takes to understand licensing and attribution.

The more I thought about this subject, the more I thought classrooms and libraries could use some reference posters to help students and teachers understand the rights granted under the Creative Commons. The information on this poster was taken directly from the Creative Commons website with minor editing.

I have licensed the poster under Creative Commons, so feel free to download, print, and share.

You can download the poster here in .png format and pdf format. It is meant to be printed as 11X17. 

This is the first in series of posters on the Creative Commons, Public Domain, and proper attribution. Check out poster #2, a quick reference guide for students and teachers to find CC and other reusable content.

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