Thursday, March 11, 2010

1 line biography project

Students/classes collaborate to gather information on a subject they are studying. In Taboo fashion, students can't repeat any info that has already been given.

The beginning of the biographies are usually facts that come out of their textbook or the usual facts that everybody knows, but as it grows the entries begin to come from different sources and are lesser known facts. If you do this with multiple classes (lots of students), then you are going to have a pretty in-depth biography when it’s finished.

The steps & rules are simple:

  • Create a wiki (Google doc, blog, etc) with one page for each person or subject for which the class will study.
  • Each student contributes one line of info while also citing their source.
  • Once a piece of information has been posted it cannot be repeated. Just like Taboo, students must avoid repeating facts/info.

Once the project is completed your class will have a rich resource that could be used as a study guide or an information source for another project/report.

Subject specific lesson ideas:

English - Author's biographical info.; key points in plot development; examples of a writing style (X) from book/author;

Social Studies - Life of historical figure; war/battle facts; possible causes of the Great Depression;

Science - facts about body sytsems; Biomes

Health/PE - Habits & tendencies that contribute to a sedentary life-style; rules of golf, tennis, etc; list of sports/activities that are life-long;

Foreign language - phrases used in a restraunt (scenario A, B, C);

Have more ideas? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Great idea, I can think of many ways I could use this with my class.