Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USTREAM - taking your class to your parents...

Using a USTREAM channel could become an amazing tool for sharing the many wonderful things happening in your class with parents and families. Including parents in Education, more often than not, has very positive results.

Below is an idea that came about with an
ELA teacher at one of my schools

Case #1 - Students debating each other
  1. Ask parents to vote on a list of topics for students to debate. (I recommend using a Google form)
  2. Set up a channel
  3. Password protect your channel
  4. Place a link to your channel on your blog/wiki/website
  5. Advertise your bradcasting
  6. Send password home to parents (email, letter, etc)

When you are ready to debate:

  1. Turn your uStream channel on
  2. Begin your broadcast
  3. Record your broadcast
  4. Post your recording to your channel

Have other ideas? Please share by leaving a comment.