Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Add text to iPod audio files...

A great little hidden feature with almost any iPod device is the ability to add any text to an audio file.

Essentially this allows anyone to add text that can be displayed while listening to the audio file it is attached to.

Implications for teachers:

Fill in the blank - The text that you enter could omit words or sentences and be replaced with _____.

Vocabulary help - When listening to any audio, students could scroll through key vocabulary and definitions.

Interpretation - Foreign language teachers could have a translation of the audio in text, so the student listens in one language and reads the translation in their native language.


It's easy to get the text into the audio file and onto the iPod. Here's how:

Entering lyrics
  1. In iTunes 5 or later, select a favorite song.
  2. From the File menu, choose Get Info.
  3. Click Lyrics, then enter the words to the song in the text box.
  4. Click OK when finished.
  5. Copy the song to iPod.

Viewing lyrics

If you've entered song lyrics, you can view them at any time in iTunes 5 or later. Just select the song, Get Info for the song, and then click Lyrics. If you want to view them on iPod, do this:

  1. On iPod, start playing any song to which you've added lyrics.
  2. Press the Center button repeatedly. The number of times depends on if you have artwork or not. Here's the order of things when you press the Center button:
    Play status > Scrubber > Album Art > Lyrics/Description > Rating
    If you don't have Album Art or Lyrics, then you'll just see the Rating
    Play status > Scrubber > Rating

Lyrics should display correctly in most languages. If they do not, try removing any special characters in the Lyrics pane in iTunes, copy the song back to iPod, and try again.

Products Affected

iPod, iPhone, iPod mini, iPod touch, iPod nano, iTunes

Additional Information

Some types of files such as WAV and QuickTime files don't support lyrics, though you can convert WAV and QuickTime files into a format that would allow you to add lyrics such as AAC or MP3.

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