Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interactive Library displays w/ QR codes...

QR codes are everywhere.

Every Library uses posters, book displays, etc, to advertise & promote various books that are in the library. These displays are wonderful!... but what if you could add digital media or interactivity to the display?
Enter QR codes. These codes, that are showing up all over the place, can be the little tool that makes your book display into an attraction. QR codes are like visual hyperlinks that can take most mobile devices with a camera & an internet connection to any web address, text file, or phone number.

Here's how:
1. The Librarian finds or creates:
  • A blog post inviting students to leave comments, discussions, or reviews about a book.
  • YouTube book trailer about a book
  • Amazon or Barnes & Noble reviews
  • The Author's website/blog
2. The librarian generates the QR code that will take students to the site.

3. The librarian builds the display with an image of the QR code somewhere in the mix.

4. Students become active participants in a community of readers.

It may require the librarian to explain how it works to a few key students. But with a little encouragement and word of mouth it could become an attraction in your library.

How we came up with idea.
On Tuesday I blogged about an Interactive Story Project the other day that a GT ILA teacherand I came up with. Then I read about a word wall that a teacher had created with QR codes to help her students learn vocabulary. Today, while brainstorming with my librarian(you can see her blog here) we came up with this great idea for using QR codes in the library. In short...Collaboration!

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