Monday, May 16, 2011

Job Interviews using the iPod Touch Lab

In my Career Investigation classes we have been talking about interviewing for jobs and the importance of being professional and prepared. We did moc interviews in class and used the iPod Touch lab to record the interviews live. Not only did my students love doing the interviews and using the technology, they also learned that they needed to work on their interview skills if they wanted to get a job in the future. Many of the students commented on how shocked they were at how silly some of their answers were and requested a second chance at the interview to improve their answers. It was an awesome learning experience for them that helped the students realize that the "business world" is much different than their "social world". Here is a quick summary of the lesson:

Objective: Students participate in a job interview recorded using iPods and Audioboo.

  • Discuss with students common interview questions asked

  • Pair students up and distribute I Pods and a list of interview questions to ask

  • Each student gets a turn being the interviewer and the applicant

  • Students publish the interviews to the teacher account on Audioboo

  • Once published, students go back and listen to their interviews and critique themselves as well as their partner's interview. They have to decide if they would actually get a job based on their interview.

  • The teacher listens to the interviews that were published and decides which students would get a job and which would not based on the recorded interview.

  • As a class, discuss some of the "good" and "bad" things from the interviews (playing specific examples with student permission)

  • Students get a "call back" interview where they can improve their answers and interviewing skills.

This lesson was fun and actually really easy to do, and I am NOT very saavy when it comes to technology! There are so many things you could do with the Audioboo App and the iTouches, please don't be afraid to try something new. My kids loved it and I had a blast watching them learn and try to improve their skills.

Posted by Mrs. Baker of Hunt M.S.

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