Monday, September 12, 2011

Setup/Configure Multiple IOS Devices

Setup & Configuration of Multiple IOS Devices

A few months ago I posted how I like to manage multiple iPods and iPads.  Since then I've learned a few more tricks...This is the fastest way I have been able to setup and manage multiple IOS devices on my campuses.

Computer Setup:
  1. Login to macbook with the username/password for the particular set of iPods you are working with. (I create one mac account for each set of iPods.)
  2. Create a playlist in iTunes with at least 1 sample audio file. Name “iPod sync list”. (We will setup these playlists to auto sync)
  3. Create a School logo wallpaper photo with numbers that match the numbers of your devices. (easiest done in PPT)
    1. Create an 'Event' in iPhoto. At least 1 for the wallpaper photos (maybe one for lessons) (We will setup these events to auto sync)
  4. Turn on 'Books' & iTunesU in iTunes. (>iTunes; >Preferences; >check "Books")
  5. Create a configuration profile in the ICU containing at least wifi profiles for your campus (Doesn’t hurt to add multiple wifi credentials in one profile, just in case one or more of the ssids goes down).

Initialize & Name one device:
  1. Connect device to your Macbook
  2. Create a naming system for your devices and name this device accordingly.
  3. Choose how you would like iTunes to sync each device
    1. Music - Check the box to always sync the playlist created above “iPod sync list”.
    2. Apps - Check the box to always sync new apps
    3. Movies - Check the box to always sync movies (if it gives you a box to sync all or everything, check it as well)
    4. Books - Check the box to sync all books
    5. Photos - Choose to sync the events you created in “Computer setup.”
  4. Install your configuration profile from the ICU (ICU -
  5. Open the iPod and go to >settings >Store > turn on OTA syncing of apps (music & books optional)
  6. Sync the ipod
  7. Right click on ipod and choose “Back up”
  8. Go to >iTunes >Preferences >Devices  - Then check to see if there is a backup of the iPod you just setup synced.

Initialize and setup other devices from device backup:
  1. Plug in one device at at time.
  2. Name the devices according to your naming convention above.
  3. Restore the devices from the backup created by iPod #1
  4. Check the devices to see if the configuration profile came through the backup.  If not continue to the next step.

iPhone Configuration Utility - restoring from backups will NOT install a configuration profile
  1. Install your wifi configuration profile(s) on each device

* To double check that everything is setup correctly, spot check a few devices to see if:
  1. OTA syncing of apps is turned on
  2. configuration profiles are installed
  3. syncing is setup in iTunes on each device for:
    1. music
    2. apps
    3. movies
    4. books
    5. photos