Monday, October 10, 2011

Digital Copyright for 21st Century Citizenship

I attended a Digital Copyright webinar today put on by Barry Britt @  This was perhaps one of the clearest meetings I've ever attended on copyright.

Below are some of my notes and links that were shared.

4 Useful articles
Important points of Fair Use:
  • Relevant to course content (no background)
  • Used for face to face instruction on a closed network
  • No duplication for distribution
  • Credit/cite the copyright holder
  • One-time use
  • Licenses and contracts supersede fair use
Things to Consider
  • many artists don’t make as much as teachers
  • people are getting sued
  • students have copyrights / district usually has some ownership too / teacher / campus
  • If student is under 18 parents have rights as well.  Must have parent permission.
  • Offer an opt out for parents/students
We are all owners of our own image/brand
Image is Everything has a slew of links to info and articles on Digital Citizenship. You can find everything they have here:

Barry Britt from Soundzabound did a great job and you can see his presentation yourself here below. Barry can be contacted @ :