Thursday, October 6, 2011

Infographics with Students

Infographics are quickly becoming very popular, especially in schools.  It makes sense since there is more data, in more accessible formats than ever before.  Infographics can help us make sense from all this data.  But, what if your students had the opportunity to make an infographic?  In what ways could creating an infographic help my students learn course material?
  • Creating an infographic requires the student to collect infomation (research)
  • Then they must understand the data themselves,
  • Analyze how the data could be organized to help others understand
  • Then create a visual scheme to put all the elements together and teach others.
Hey!  Look at that....It's Bloom's Taxonomy!

Getting Started
Free creation tools (programs/websites): - Has the potential to be the best site on infographics, and it will be when it's online creation tools become available in the next few months.
  1. Search engine for web-based infographics.  See all the best infographics on the web in one place.
  2. Infographic hosting
  3. Create infographics no special software needed. (coming soon)

Resources for finding quality infographics:

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