Friday, May 25, 2012

Google Chrome Extensions for the classroom

Teachers and presenters, if you aren't using Google Chrome you are missing out on one of the best web experiences out there.  For those of you that are...below are my favorite Chrome extensions that are guaranteed to help you be more productive:

Simple QR code generator - Generate a QR code from any website that you're currently on.
This is awesome for BYOD classrooms.  If you or your students are trying to share a website quickly you can click this button and get a QR code that can be scanned by the mobile devices in the room.

URL Shorteners - Much like a QR code generator, these little gems can quickly make any url short and easy to communicate to a class or audience. or are my shorteners of choice.  Try some out and see what works best for you.

Evernote web clipper - If you aren't using evernote yet, you should seriously give it a try.  Evernote's chrome extension can capture URLs, full webpages, and notes from webpages and save them all to your Evernote account.  This one is great for students doing research also.

Citable - If you've used Zotero for Firefox, this is similar and Zotero compatible.  Citable allows you to take notes and quotes from websites and auto saves URL, author, date, etc.  You can export to Zotero for full APA, MLA formatting.

ChromeVox - Add a voice to Google Chrome for students with special needs.  (View all extensions for accessibility.)

Awesome Screenshot - Don't have a screenshot application.  This little extension is all you need.  Great for teachers wanting to go paperless.  Easily pull examples of student work without divulging confidential info.

As the web browser becomes more and more versatile and better equipped to handle advanced tasks, tools like browser extensions can really make life and work on the web much more efficient and enjoyable.