Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing machine, pocket camcorder, & a digital photo frame

This week I had a Life Skills teacher come up with a great idea for her sewing unit lessons. She checked out a pocket camcorder and created 4 or 5 video tutorials for the sewing tasks the students were assigned. Then we loaded the videos onto a few digital photo frames. We placed one frame on each sewing table (2-3 sewing machines/table). Throughout each phase of the sewing project, the students could then go back to the digital photo frame and watch a quick tutorial on how to perform the task they were working on. This enabled the students to help themselves, as well as freeing the teacher up to serve more students.

Without digital photo frames the teacher may not have been able to assist all the students in her classroom; we would've had to take laptops out of our mobile lab, leaving other classes short a computer or two.

For $50-60 a piece, these frames were a good addition to our school.

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